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Image by Cristi Tohatan

Sunday Socials

Adjusting to our new virtual life !
           Fun through games!

 Rotary Metro Dynamix members enjoying some fellowship and merriment through the games !! Studies have shown that an active social life can boost your immune system and improve your nutrition. Being social can lower your blood pressure and potentially reduce the symptoms of depression. As you can see, social activity is vital to people for their health and mental well-being.

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In-person Socialising !!


Dr. Palaniappan Manickam

We had an amazing virtual session by Dr Pal, (Dr Palaniappan Manickam, Gastroenterologist from California) famous for his humour on YouTube and Social Media! 😄 He addressed us with humour in COVID times and urged everyone to take the vaccine to save lives! 💉

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palaniappan zoom.jpg
cg kumar.jpg
cg kumar zoom.jpg
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Rtn C.G.Kumar

We had a fun sunday social with Rtn CG Kumar who gave us a wonderful musical performance with his melodious voice and performed all the songs suggested by the new members of the club. 

Musical Fundraising Event:
Singer Ved Shanker

Rotary Club of Metro Dynamix organised  a Musical fundraising event on May 9th 2021. An upcoming talented singer, musical composer, Ved Shenker, gave us a great musical performance and we raised a total of Rs 2,80,000 from selling 200 tickets. 

ved shankar zoom 2.jpg
ved shankar.png

Bake Along Fundraising Event:
Arti Shroff

Rotary Club of Metro Dynamix organised  a Bake Along event for kids and adults with Arti Shroff. Arthi has been awarded India's top 100 Home bakers - The virtual baking workshop had an overwhelming response and was great hit among kids on March 20th.

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