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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join the Metro Dynamix? What are the requirements?

All interested members are welcome to fill out the Membership form that is available in the website - and submit.  One of our committee members will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.  If you have any questions prior to submitting the form, please contact us at

2. How does E-Club function? What is the difference between Rotary E-Club and traditional Rotary clubs?

Rotary E-Clubs are Rotary clubs that meet electronically.  Currently there are about 100 E-Clubs around the world. E-Clubs have members from various geographic locations who connect virtually for meetings, fellowship and service projects. They have the advantage of flexibility and convenience of joining calls from home and serving needy communities in various locations all around the world.

3. What is the current member classification of Dynamix?

We currently have members from various cities within and outside India. Our members span the spectrum of classification from students, entrepreneurs, professionals and executives from various arms of finance, audit, law, medicine, technology and hospitality.

4. How often does the club meet and what do the meetings cover?

Currently, meetings are scheduled on 2nd and 4th Sunday each month at 8 pm or 9 pm, IST. The meetings fall under themes like club updates and project discussions, socials and games, speaker events. We continue to evaluate scheduling options that work for all members in our club.

5. Where can I find a copy of the Club’s charter documents, By-laws and constitution?

We are working on adding all documents to our website.  In the meantime, please contact us at  to receive a copy.

6. Will there be a printed or online version of the Club magazine available? How can I access it?

Yes, we have an e-bulletin called PULSE that has been uploaded under Club Bulletin - PULSE tab of the menu in our website. 


7. Does the club have a dress code?

Yes, the dress code is black or white shirt/blouse with an international flag tie or scarf (blue, green or brown ). 

8. Does the club have a home District ? Is the club associated with Rotary International?

Yes, The Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix is part of RI District 3201. Every Rotary club is a member of Rotary International.

9. Are Metro Dynamix members eligible to visit other Rotary clubs anywhere in the world?

Yes, Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix is a chartered club of Rotary International. Our members have all the privileges and obligations of Rotarians in any other club.

10. What are the responsibilities of a member?

Members pay the annual club subscription fees and participate in Metro Dynamix meetings and events.  Members also have the opportunity to participate in local and/or international Rotary Club activities and projects. We encourage our members to aspire to club leadership and committee roles.

11. What are the various avenues for members to lead the club?

Members can take up office and become part of the Board of Directors. The club has sub-committees for various focus areas where Board members and other members join together to lead the effort.

12. How do members contribute to community service events?

There are various ways to contribute to Metro Dynamix club activities and initiatives. Members bring in ideas, connections, expertise, and sponsorship, all of which are equally important.  Members can also partner with other local Rotary clubs or volunteer in the projects and events.

13. How can you have fellowship in Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix?

We are often asked if fellowship can thrive in a club with members living in several countries. The answer is Yes. With the help of digital platforms like email, Zoom, voice over IP etc., we have become a cohesive group of friends who share the excitement of Rotary and family news with our fellow members.

14. Can I volunteer/ partner or contribute to a project if I am not a member of Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix?

Yes, you can offer to assist any Rotary Club with its service projects. To partner with our club please contact us at Your support and partnership is most welcome and much appreciated.

We love to hear from you.  Please contact us using the below IDs and one of our committee members will respond within 24 hours.

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