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Project Vinveli

Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix is proud to provide a STEM workshop project called Vinveli providing opportunity to grade 7 & 8 students to build their own telescope. “The most important part of a child’s education is the practical experience they gain. It opens up many avenues for them to grow and learn”, shares Vidya Thathamangalam, the lead behind Project Vinveli. The workshop, conducted between 31 January and 1 February saw the students of Corporation Middle School, Thudiyalur, construct their own telescope and inaugurate it for the use of the students of this school and others too.

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Project Shikshaa

Using Smart interactive board to educate, stimulate and disseminate

Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix is proud to promote digital learning experience to the under privileged students in the Panchayat Union Middle School, Thudiyalur, Coimbatore. We believe literature on mass media use in classroom act as a focus for student - teacher interaction and plays a vital role in distance education. It can an be utilized in everything from narrowcast broadcasting to face-to-face videoconferencing to the students. 

Our Story

On the occasion of the Rotary's Literacy month, Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix inaugurated Project Shikshaa on Sep 23rd 2022. The project aimed to promote digital learning to the students in the rural areas of Coimbatore. Smart Classroom equipment was given to the Panchayat Union middle school, Thudiyalur, Coimbatore. Some of the students of the school were selected for the NASA ISRO Asteroid Detection Program. 

Educators use Smart Interactive Board in the classroom to satisfy a variety of objectives:

  • To reinforce and expand on content being taught

  • To respond to a variety of learning styles

  • To increase student motivation to learn

  • To stimulate other learning activities.

We hope the Smart Interactive Board provides benefits to the teachers and students and help them with distance learning in times of pandemic without any disruption of their education. 

At the School

Project Ability

Turning learning Disability into Ability

Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix is proud to promote digital learning experience by initiating a collaborative pilot project, ‘C-Pen Distribution’ under Project Ability. This C-Pen is an assistive reading tool commonly used in America and the United Kingdom, readily available for students with reading and writing disabilities. It enables the students to work independently without much external assistance. This scanner pen scans the textbook to convert it into audio. The files for the same are made accessible to the user.

The NGO’s MoU with the Coimbatore Corporation and the Central Library enables them to implement this project at the reading camps conducted at the Panchayat union schools in Coimbatore and the Central Library. Each reading camp includes about 20 to 40 students assisted by volunteers who will administer device usage among the students and monitor their improvement.

On Feb 2nd 2023, We also donated reading tools( pencil grips, guided reading strips and finger focus reading tools) that will be used for remedial education programs in schools for elementary students. The donation amount is valued at Rs. 5500 and the contribution came from Sheetal and myself. This will help about 80 students from various panchayat elementary schools where the programs are conducted.

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