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Project Warm Hearts

A Drive to Benefit Homeless/Shelter Families in our Communities both domestic and International to stay warm during colder winter months.
There are many in our communities who struggle to stay warm. From young children to senior citizens, the need is real.

Our club planned to do a blanket, sweater and socks drive to be able in different phases all around the world to warm many feet’s and hearts of our seniors and children in the community in need. Our club conducts annual events to make the "Warm hearts" possible. 

Little Sisters, Old Age home, Mysore, Karnataka

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On Jan 20th 2023, our club had donated 100 warm blankets to seniors at the Little Sisters of the Poor old age home for destitute seniors abandoned by family at Mysore. We are happy to serve the elderly and brighten their days.

Kotagiri and Milidhane, Nilgris district, Tamilnadu

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Rotary E-Club of Metro Dyanamix donated blankets and sweaters to 80 beneficiaries at Kothagiri CMS orphanage & Jothi Seva Home for the blind on October 3rd 2021.  

Mysore, Karnataka


On October 19th 2021, 30 sweaters sent to Karunya Mane Shelter, a homeless children's shelter in Mysore.

On October 24th, 200 pairs of warm socks were donated to two senior homes Bapuji Anand Ashram and Little Sisters of the Poor at Mysore.  Seniors are orphans or abandoned by family using the shelter.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States Of America


On October 30th 2021, 300 pair of warm socks were donated to three shelters in Boston(House of Mercy-Lawrence, Lowell transitional shelter-Lowell and Nashua soup kitchen-Nashua) through Being Volunteer USA organization.

Shanthi Ashram,Tribal Village,Coimbatore


Our club had arranged for 165 blankets to be distributed at an event organized by Shanthi Ashram on the 22nd December 2021 in an effort to help 40+ single moms and 70+ seniors located in various hard to reach tribal villages near Coimbatore.


Mens Street Ministry, Greater Toronto, Canada

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December 11th 2022, Rotary EClub of Metro Dynamix donated 600 pairs of socks  to Roger Boyd from Mens Street Ministry today. Roger who is also a former Rotarian has been serving and helping homeless in the Greater Toronto Area for many years now. Roger was very grateful and appreciative of our donation and promptly distributed them at the streets today( -3 degrees colder). Roger was very recently awarded the Canada Peace Medal by YMCA for advancement of peace and harmony in our community. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


On October 16th, 450 pairs of socks were donated to Men's Street Ministry to be distributed to homeless at Hamilton and Greater Toronto Area, an organization lead by Roger Boyd, a former Rotarian and PHF with Rotary Club of Burlington North.

Athikadavu Tribal Village, Coimbatore

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On Nov 2nd 2021, 150 blankets distributed to tribal villagers at Athikadavu village, Pilloor dam.  We teamed up with Nizhal Mayam organization to make this happen.

Bhuj Kutch, Gujarat


December 2021, 150 pairs of socks were delivered to three senior homes at Bhuj Kutch, Gujarat.

Dhading Mountain Village, Nepal


Our club had arranged for 80 pairs of winter socks to be distributed at Dhading Village in Nepal mountains. Sandip Dhunana,who is recognized as the youngest social activist in Nepal was kind enough to help us execute this project. The seniors in the village appriciate the act of kindness as they embrace the brutal winter. 


Thank you to the project team consisting of Rtn. Vidya, Rtn. Abbisree, Rtn. Prem and Rtn. Dipika who worked closely to identify the beneficiaries locating sponsors and raised project specific funds to meet the goal. The project was done in phases. Phase 1 focussed on beneficiaries in India and Phase 2 focussed on beneficiaries from International locations.

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