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 This is a project to help in the safe delivery of babies in rural areas. It's in conjunction with the Pooluvapatti health care center and the aim of the project is to help fund the health care centre to acquire instruments required to perform a c-section procedure without which the expectant mothers have to travel more than 20 kms to the city hospital to get the procedure done.

Rtn Vishnu Shivendran, Rtn Deepa Navaneeth and Rtn Nishit Shah were involved in the ground work of visiting the Primary health center of Pooluvapatti and procuring the instruments that are needed for the C-section procedure. On May 3rd, the instruments that were procured were delivered to the health center of Pooluvapatti Village thereby helping the hospital to kick-start on the c-section deliveries to the pregnant women who come from the near by villages.

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