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The 50th anniversary ( *Swarnim Vijay Varsh* ) of the 1971 Indo Pakistan war victory was on 10th March 2021. Rotarians from G40 clubs of Coimbatore honoured the surviving war veterans. Many events like The SWARNIM VIJAY VARSH RUN, a marathon was organised on 14th March 2021 in Race course, Coimbatore and a programme for 500 NCC cadets were organised. G40 Rotary clubs of Coimbatore are supporting the Army, Airforce and Navy to facilitate  these events. Food, snacks, T-shirt’s to 150 war veterans along with a kit that includes towel, bed sheet, torch light, medication organiser with useful free bees were sponsored.

Rtn. Abinithi Maruti, Rtn. Abbisree Maruti and Rtn. Vishnu Kumar Shivendran contributed health mix for the aging veterans for a price amount of Rs 22,000

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