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On April 16, 2021 the sky was overcast, the wind was relentless and the temperature was hot enough for people to stay indoors. Yet, in-spite of the hot weather, the members from Rotary E-Club of Metro Dynamix in collaboration with Young Indians Association representatives came out to plant native trees and fruit trees in V K R Nagar in Thudiyalur, Coimbatore. 

The energy of the event’s participants was undeniable. They were so excited to breathe new life into a section of their area as we gathered to begin our event! During the Phase -1 of the project, they were able to plant 50 saplings (mix of native and fruit trees) with a tree guards placed in locality grounds. The picture on the left is our Club member, Rtn Nishit along with YI representative getting their hands dirty to get those plants in the ground!

While it was inspiring to see so many people work towards improving the area, an unexpected result was watching as this community became more connected! Planting trees is not an easy task, especially by yourself. So, having people work together made everything go so much more smoothly and enjoyably. While watching families, friends and neighbours come together to work towards a common goal, it was clear that this community was becoming closer. The picture on the right is Rtn Swarnalatha and her kids with her husband Guru who made their presence on this beautiful day !

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Now, looking back at the experience, the wind, the clouds and the hot temperature are just a footnote. It was the energy, passion and warmth of the people of Coimbatore that made this planting event a huge success! One of the most memorable moments of the day was listening to the children chant, “We love planting trees!” as they left the event. It’s remarkable to think that when these children return to the same place one day, they will be able to see the trees they planted grow and enrich their community.

Thanks to the Kongunadu eco club volunteers and Young Indians Association representatives along with Metro Dynamix club members for putting in the elbow grease and making the Sree Vigneshwara Avenue in Coimbatore greener.


"Plant Trees, Plant Hope" Project


August 14th 2021, our club executed a tree planting initiative with a difference.  Ray of Hope, Phase 2 was executed at Cheshire homes, a residence care home for mentally ill where owning and caring of trees will serve as a therapy to the patients.  We aesthetically designed and planted 90 trees of native, fruit bearing and flowering trees around the campus along with 50 varieties of herb saplings and 15 variety of vegetable seedlings to create a wonderful kitchen garden.  This project was jointly done with Young Indians (Yi) Coimbatore chapter and the herbs saplings and vegetable seedlings were sponsored by Yi.

This phase served as a ray of hope to a community in much need in its true sense.

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Pollination Garden Project

September 15th 2021, Inspired by Rosalynn Carter (wife of the 39th President of United States) and PDG Rtn Ineke Wilson, who encouraged Rotary clubs to build butterfly gardens, we thought we should make it educational and beautiful for the kids at Pinelake Preparatory, Moorseville, North Carolina.

Our club, apart from setting up the pollination garden, made an audio book that was played during the project execution. The book talks about the importance of milkweeds/butterfly bushes for Monarch butterflies. The voiceover for the audiobook was done by our club members across the world.

The staff were willing to accommodate us outdoors and have students come out and listen to butterfly talks and the audio book.


The school and students thanked us for building a butterfly garden for them!This was our first project executed outside India.


Plantation in "Helping Hearts", Coimbatore

October 21st 2021, our club had the pleasure of providing 40 varieties of indoor and medicinal herbal plants to a senior palliative care centre, ‘Helping Hearts’ in Coimbatore. We wish the plants will bring joy and hope into their lives.


House plants offer a variety of therapeutic benefits and can be an ideal hobby for aging adults; whether it is a flower, cactus, herb, or any other greenery, indoor plants enable seniors to stay active while bringing splashes of nature into their home.


Indoor plants have a calming and soothing effect that can help reduce stress and elevate moods of people, boosting their mental health.


Dispersal of Bamboo seeds around the forest area of Anaikatti , Coimbatore

November 21st 2021, Metro Dynamix and Yi CBE chapter jointly wanted to end the Ray of Hope project on a high note. Keeping that in mind, we dispersed 3 kgs of native bamboo species Bambusa bambos seeds in the forest area around Anaikatti. The planted seeds are expected to have good field  survival rates and has a potential of adding a minimum of 50,000 bamboo trees aiming to bring a healthy eco system and natural forest restoration. 


Bamboo is among the fastest growing plants in the world. This species has a flowering cycle of around 40 years. This effort will go a long way in helping to fight climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon quickly and help in mitigation of man-elephant conflicts.


Bamboo when harvested has a potential of providing an alternate source of livelihood for the locals in the area.



Monarch and Milkweed Audio Book
Pollination Garden - Phase 3
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