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Educate and Empower

Sponsor a child's education

At Metro Dynamix, we strongly believe that sponsoring a child’s education not only elevates the child’s quality of life but also plays a vital role in developing our community. Providing quality education to a child definitely has a formative effect on how he/she thinks, feels or acts. This in turn enable us to nurture an informed community.
The objective of our club is to successfully design, implement, monitor and evaluate our education sponsorship programmes after clearly weighing the child’s requirements towards his/her education. Our club has clearly envisioned to support not only their monetary needs but also their materialistic, emotional and placement needs thereby helping the child to evolve holistically and lead a quality life.
As Nelson Mandela quotes
‘ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ , our club truly believes supporting Education is the first step towards giving back to our society.


To identify prospective  candidates from Women’s Polytechnic College, Coimbatore and to support them by sponsoring their education and enabling them establish a stable career.


Our club, Metro Dynamix has been looking to launch our debut project in alignment with the objective of our club this year to educate and empower women. We identified a great opportunity to lead and adopt a similar project as that of our sponsor club, Rotary club of metropolis who have been working on a project with similar but at a larger scale objective of sponsoring education for 40 deserving students from Women’s Polytechnic College,Coimbatore.

Our Club has taken up the sponsorship of three such candidates from Women’s Polytechnic College. The criteria which we had set to identify the candidates were:

1. Economically deserving students.
2. Fair academic performance.
3. Good conduct certificate provided by the Institute.
4. Students from the Final year of college.


Currently the three candidates  are pursuing their final year at Women’s Polytechnic College. By choosing final year students, we are also able to bridge their lives onto a stable career. Witnessing the benefits of settling in their careers will be a driving force for us to indulge in many such social projects. Out of the 3 students, Trishadarshini and Rajalakshmi are boarding students and Sarala is a dayscholar.

  • The three identified students will be sponsored their tuition fees, examination fees and boarding fees.

  • The sponsorship amount will cover their fees from Dec 2020 to April 2021.

  • This will be an ongoing project with the incoming office bearers next year continuing the project to enable career support for the beneficiaries.

Our club looks forward to the launch of this project and many more socially responsible projects on the days to come.

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