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DynamixSTRONG is a Self Defense Awareness Program for young girls and women in colleges, schools, and workplace.



As long as women continue to be in a position of receiving rather than giving, they shall continue to bear injustice

- Kiran Bedi, Director General of Bureau of Police Research and Development


why is self defense important for Women?

Sexual abuse is prevalent in India and age is not a factor.  Girls and women experience abuse in varying forms on a daily basis

Currently there aren’t enough programs in colleges and schools to create awareness and to train on a routine basis

You do not have to learn traditional and full-fledged martial arts techniques to be empowered.  Learning a few moves and constantly practicing will provide the know-how, hone muscle memory, and build confidence

Surprising the attacker and using the first few minutes to temporarily incapacitate will allow many to get away to safety 

Having practiced punching a bag or kicking a pad over 1000 times, the inner strength that the young women develop will help them hold their own in various aspects of life - college, career, public areas, any social setting, married life, and beyond.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision - An empowered India where our young women grow up to be anti-fragile, have high self-esteem, dare to dream big, and believe in their ability to foster change

Our mission - Drive policy change so self-defense training is a part of the routine physical education curriculum at educational institutes.  Empower young women and help them to discover their inner strength.  Develop strong and confident role models who will motivate and nurture the next generation of stronger mothers, citizens, and leaders. 

Program Launch

On December 22, 2021, District 3201 First Lady Shanthi Rajasekhar inaugurated the launch of DynamixSTRONG.  PDG V Rajkumar, District Coordinator for Girl Empowerment, Ankita Dinesh, AG Balakrishnan and his wife, Shanthi, Rotarians from RCC Metropolis and other clubs, family and friends graced the occasion.  Members Preetha & Aarthi, Annette Sneha, and their family member demonstrated a few techniques on stage to 170 students aged 18-20.  The students were then split into two batches and had hands-on training in various stations for 2 hours.  Our club donated punching bags and will provide training videos so students can practice on a regular basis.  We will also continue to work with management, staff, and students to provide ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement. 

Our club hopes to introduce this program in other locations and evolve it over time to make it scalable and adaptable;  bring in professional instructors to develop additional training videos; collaborate with other Rotary clubs and organizations; rally up the community and create a grassroots movement.  So DynamixSTRONG and other self-defense initiatives are introduced in as many educational institutes as possible so no girl is left behind.  TOGETHER we believe we can and will achieve the vision.

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