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Combat Diabetes

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India has an estimated 77 million people (1 in 11 Indians) formally diagnosed with diabetes, which makes it the second most affected in the world, after China. Furthermore, 700,000 Indians died of diabetes, hyperglycemiakidney disease or other complications of diabetes in 2021.


 On May 20th 2022,  we donated diabetes equipment to Idhayangal Trust in Coimbatore to help children affected by juvenile diabetes. We also donated 47 refrigerators - Project Chill Fix to juvenile diabetic beneficiaries on Aug 8th 2022.

Project Swasti Vahan was initiated on Sep 9th 2022, to procure a fully equipped medical mobile van to the medical camps and to serve people in rural areas who have diabetes.  

Man Doing Blood Test

Project Abhaya - Dec 11th 2022

Project Swasti Vahan - Dec 11th 2022

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On Dec 11th We had the inaugural ceremony for the launch of Swasti Vahan by District Collector Sameeran. Swasti  Vahan is a fully equipped medical van that will travel to rural areas all around Tamil Nadu to help diagnosis and treat people suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. 

 Our Club facilitated the donation of INR 35 lakhs from Rasi Seeds to procure a fully equipped medical mobile van.This vehicle will be the medium of reaching out to people who otherwise have no access to timely detection and treatment. 

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Project Chill Fix - Aug 8th 2022

Donation of Diabetes Equipment - May 20th 2022

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